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Apps On Cloud


When you are developing a commercial software application or a business critical application, and want start hosting it in the Cloud? Our team can provide advice on the best practices and solution to start your Cloud journey. We've helped numerous clients plan and re-architect their software application for the Cloud.


Sometimes running an eCommerce store is a challenge and you can't risk any downtime, latency or poor customer performance which will hamper the bottem line. Our Cloud consultants and technical team helps you optimise your eCommerce store for the best customer experience and 100% uptime for maximum revenue generation.


Our team is ready to help manage your application and SaaS Cloud hosting requirements. Let us take care of the infrastructure and Cloud management, monitoring and support, so your team of developers and in-house technical engineers can focus on delivering innovation and great tools to the masses and build the business you have envisioned.

Big Data

Begin your Big Data journey for your business use-case with benefits such as rapid business decisions, Improved Customer Service, Managing Security Risks or Operational Predictability, Aggregated Intelligence.